The added value of the skill is high

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    The added value of the skill is high


    The added value of the skill is high

    Communication between countries has become easier with technolog. Thanks to the means of communication, the expectations of customers and the form of trade have changed. In the past, after long trips, meetings were held in another country, and now meetings with video conversations can be made at any time.

    Globalization has pushed organizations out of locality to think at international standards and to structure their business strategies according to global standards.

    Changes and innovations have also changed competition strategies.

    If you don't have superior and distinctive features. Therefore, if companies want to retain their competitiveness, they need to focus on the most difficult thing to imitate, namely "human capital."

    In the information age, companies that are aware of this and believe that success will increase with human resources turn to the concept of talent management. Business processes are structured in this direction.

    In talent management, plans are made to meet all the needs of human capital.

    All HR functions are effectively implemented, many opportunities are used to recruit, train, develop, nurture and retain talented employees.Because these talented people not only contribute to their companies, they also bring new vision to their companies and create jobs with high added value.

    As Steve Jobs said “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do next. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

    Bosses who choose and attract talented people are always lucky.

    How is the situation in our country in general?

    Unfortunately, people who are self-educating, educating, studying, researching and differing according to their peers are not preferred outside certain companies.

    So bosses don't want to choose talented people in their own companies.

    “This is more than us, does not work much, requires a lot of money” style approaches.

    In our country, which is dominated by family companies, unfortunately many prejudices and taboos cannot be demolished.

    Justification: This candidate is more than us!

    On the other hand, when there are employees who develop and develop oneself, the intrigue is turned to be cut, even mobbing is applied.

    I do not understand the bosses or managers who prefer to work like robots without question.People who develop themselves, give ideas, produce and pursue science will improve our country.

    Why are these people ignored?

    Thousands of qualified people in our country are therefore unemployed, talented brains are not evaluated. Considering that the domination of the GIG economy in the world increases day by day,

    employers will find it very difficult to find full-time employees already in the near future.

    Together with the GIG economy, people will gain at least four talents and will create new professions.

    You will be able to attract talent managers in the public and private sectors.

    Gonca Elibol